yeastToday many couples are looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to the wedding reception idea. Yeast infections also play a big part in this. And who can blame them? The bride and groom want a day that’s special and will live on and on in their memories. These days not only can a couple get married in a hot air balloon or an airplane, they can also get married underwater, on a mountain top, or just about any place they can dream up.
If you want your wedding and reception to be non-traditional, then get yeast infection cream.Then decide what you can do to come up with a unique reception.

Reception theme ideas without Candida

treatment-optionsClam bake – Ditch the formal attire and dress for fun on the beach (or a backyard decorated like the beach.) Good food, buckets of beer, a fire pit, tiki torches, twinkle lights, and dancing will make this a memorable night.

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Ice cream social – Formal attire, champagne, delicate cookies, and fine ice cream with all the toppings means playing dress up and eating lots of sugar. What’s not to like?

Brunch – Set up just like the restaurants, complete with cook-to-order omelets, this makes for a unique reception.

River cruise – Rent a party boat and set the mood – semi-formal dinner and dancing, casually-dressed partying, or whatever you want.

Scavenger hunt – This great party people mixer is not just reserved for parties, you can adapt it to your wedding reception as well. Candida will often ruin the fun. Keep it contained in and around the premises to make it easy and fast and fun.

more-yeast-examplesMystery party – Hire a professional murder mystery group to entertain your guests throughout and have your guests guess whodunit at the end.
Keep in mind you don’t have to go way out on a limb if you’re not comfortable doing that. You can be traditional with your wedding reception idea if you want, and add interesting, unexpected touches and/or activities.

A fun idea is to add helium balloons to your decorations and let them float up. Make the strings just above head height with each guest’s name on them, and have a lightweight party favor inside each balloon.
Even if you’re having recurring yeast infections, you can have your guests arrive in style via a daytime hayride or evening sleigh ride from a pre-determined meeting spot.
Your wedding reception idea can be as traditional or nontraditional as you’d like. But know that you don’t have to automatically sign up for the usual… you can think outside the box a little or a lot!

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